Lockdown part 3….Week 5

And just like that another week of lockdown is complete…I make it sound like a prison sentence! Maybe it feels like that to some people. I know I generally don’t know what day it is let along what date. We’re already in February which brings Valentine’s day, pancake day and half term. I’ll definitely be making pancakes for my girls. Half term won’t be any different for us….it may not feel different for most families but at least it won’t mean remembering passwords and trying to log on to live classes whilst trying to persuade little ones to get dressed!

This week may have brought moments of sadness or reflection and of course I have to acknowledge the lives of all those that have been lost to Covid-19. This weeks news and media coverage focused on the passing of Captain Tom Moore, however, I feel we should also remember everyone else who have sadly died. Thousands of parents, grandparents, children, brothers, sisters, aunties, uncles, cousins, friends and colleagues. I would hate for all these lives lost to just become statistics.

We decided to sign up to more Tot Bop online classes (https://totbop.co.uk) as we have all been enjoying it so much. The girls have definitely got into the swing of it and are starting to learn some of the routines. This week we through ourselves into being cowgirls and dancing to Taylor Swift’s ‘Shake it off’. The girls love it when we do peekaboo as part of the cool down and they know that Mummy’s favourite part is painting the rainbow at the end. I recorded the girls dancing this week as my eldest wanted me to send it into Rachel who runs the classes. She was very excited when I told her that Rachel had replied to my email saying that she had watched the video!

I felt like a bit of a rebel this week (please no judgement) when on the one sunny day we drove to the nearby open pastures with my mum and her dogs. We all had a great time and it made a nice change as we haven’t driven anywhere other than to the shops for a long time. We went into the woods on a Gruffalo hunt, exploring the dens, listening to the birds, crunching the leaves, spotting a ‘castle’ (it’s what my girls call the an old mill) and most importantly squelching in icy muddy puddles! Of course I had to join in and instead of walking around the puddles we went through them! It was too cold to have a picnic outside so instead we sat in the car and enjoyed it. It was a lovely day.

As always we have been busy getting creative…we had a finger painting session and this time I decided to join in. Me and my eldest daughter painted rainbow trees, I found it very therapeutic.

I’ve started Joe Wicks February Abs challenge this week in an aim to reduce my waist measurements! I have to say I quite enjoy abs exercises and challenged myself to hold a full plank for 90 seconds.

I also challenged myself to try and allow myself to do some things for me before the girls go to bed which I rarely do. Don’t get me wrong they are very good at entertaining themselves and playing on their own but I suppose part of it is feeling that I need to give my all to them or that as soon as I start doing something they will want me for something. So whilst they were both happily watching the 2nd Nanny McPhee film I managed to do some work. Small steps but I am going to try and do this a bit more so that not everything is left until they are in bed.

This week posed another challenge when it came to my counselling course. We have been working in groups of 3 since September last year in order to practice our counselling skills but this week marked the start of our case study which mean that we had been put into new groups. I get incredibly nervous with new situations so this was something I was anxious about, not only in terms of being the counsellor but also being the client. In our practice sessions we have to use real material about ourselves so we are exposing ourselves to strangers. Of course it’s confidential but as I fear being judged this can make me feel uncomfortable. However, the people I am with appear to be lovely and supportive. We only had time for 2 of us to be in the role of counsellor on this occasion and normally I would do everything possible to avoid being the counsellor but for once I voiced this to my group and I decided to challenge myself as I knew I would spend the rest of the week getting myself worked up about it. I felt so much better for doing it and they gave positive but constructive feedback which has boosted by confidence and belief in myself.

I also knew I had an essay I needed to complete this weekend so didn’t want to add to my ‘to do list’. I am surprised at my own determination and motivation this week, as I sit here writing this post I have also completed my essay so I am rewarding myself with a sneaky glass of wine!

I want to share a poem I came across this week which I think it incredibly clever….

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