Ration Challenge…

I have decided to set myself the challenge of taking part in this year’s Ration Challenge with Concern Worldwide. I have never heard of this before, but it popped up on social media not long ago and I thought I would have a go. So, between 13th-19th June I will be living entirely off the same rations that are given to refugees in Syria with the hope of raising money and helping to save lives.

I will be sent a ration pack containing a one-week supply in almost the same quantities as given to Syrian refugees and so from the minute I wake up on the 13th June until I go to bed on the 19th June this is what I will be living off…

White Rice: 420g

Lentils: 170g

Dried chickpeas: 85g

Tinned sardines (or tofu): 120g

Tinned kidney beans: 400g

Vegetable oil (self-supplied): 330ml

A single dried spice

And that is it! People can earn rewards the more they manage to raise such as salt if you raise £75, 210ml of milk if you raise £150, 170g of 1 type of vegetable if you raise £250, 120g of protein if you raise £400 and one can of tinned tomatoes if you raise £600.

At the minute I have raised £62 so I am hoping I might get to add some salt otherwise I will be in for a very bland week!

We are not allowed to add any extras, no garlic, herbs, extra spices, fruit, vegetables etc and we can only drink tap water!

What a time for people in England to be taking the challenge, just as restaurants and pubs have reopened! I love my food and struggle to function without my morning cup of milky tea and I am known to get ‘hangry’ when hungry! I will still be cooking my two daughters their usual meals, but I won’t be able to eat any leftovers or even lick the spoon! However, this is a small price to pay as I know at the end of the week, I will be able to eat whatever I want, unlike refugees who often have to live off the same rations for a lot longer than a week.

Refugees are already living a nightmare, and the impact of covid means many more will face devastating hunger.

All the money raised from people completing the ration challenge will help bring emergency food, healthcare and life-saving support to people who need it most.

According to Concern Worldwide I am likely to find the week physically challenging and may experience caffeine withdrawals, hunger and be ‘hangry’ (uh oh!!).

They also warn of how emotional people may find the challenge, stating that it often highlights the huge contrast between our lives and the lives of those living in refugee camps.

Whilst completing the ration challenge I will still be living in my home and be surrounded by my family and loved ones, whereas refugees have lost their home, loved ones and livelihood whilst not knowing what the future brings.

I am shocked and saddened to learn that there are almost 80 million refugees in the world and that this is the largest number ever recorded. Not only are they living a nightmare but now they have been affected immensely by covid-19 by losing casual work and aid being disrupted which means so many more are starving.

The pandemic has affected everyone, and many people have struggled but I cannot imagine living through the pandemic whilst being a refugee. It is heart-breaking. All money raised through the Ration Challenge will fund programmes to provide emergency food, healthcare, and other essential support to the people hit hardest by this crisis.

£14 can provide one month’s worth of food rations for one refugee, ensuring they have enough to eat.

£34 can provide a family with a Covid-19 kit including essential items like face masks, soap, and hand sanitiser.

£75 can fund a visit to a medical centre for a family, giving them all access to life-saving treatment.

£130 can fund a referral to a medical centre for 10 refugees, enabling them to access life-saving treatment.

£165 can provide a year’s worth of food rations for one refugee, ensuring they have enough to eat all year long.

£340 can provide Covid-19 kits for 10 refugees – containing essential hygiene items to help protect their families against the spread of Covid, including face masks, soap, and hand sanitiser.

£993 can provide food rations (the same food you will be eating during the challenge) for a refugee family for an entire year, ensuring they have enough to eat.

There’s still time for people to sign up to this year’s ration challenge or to donate to this very worthy cause! L.O.S.T Mum • Ration Challenge UK 2021

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