Ration Challenge … Day 4!

Day 4 of the Ration Challenge is complete…I am certainly counting down the days until I have completed this challenge. It is starting to take its toll on me, physically and emotionally. Last night my legs started to really ache and despite having a warm bath and stretching, nothing seemed to ease them and so I didn’t really get much sleep as I couldn’t get comfortable. The last time I remember my legs feeling like this I was pregnant…and no, there is absolutely no chance that I am pregnant! The only explanation I have got for how my legs feel is the drastic change in diet.

Magnesium is essential to many functions in the body, including the metabolism, the physical and chemical processes in the body that convert and use energy.

To maintain healthy magnesium levels, we can generally obtain our daily amount through food sources such as green leafy vegetables, avocado, bananas, tofu, legumes, nuts, seeds, and whole grains. Magnesium is also added to some breakfast cereals, and other fortified foods.

I am finding it frustrating that I cannot eat a banana in order to try and help my legs, which as still aching now, and I am anticipating another rough night’s sleep which is not what I need!

Being tired and hungry is not good!

I am surprised that I haven’t thought of what food I would like to eat once this challenge is over, I imagined I would want to surround myself with lots of naughty treats but all I can think about is having a proper cup of tea and not having to eat rice again!

I think this challenge has put me off food, but I am not sure why…maybe because of how unjust and unfair it is that in 2021 there are people in the world who do not have food yet in the UK food is everywhere. You walk down a street and there are numerous shops, cafes, restaurants, pubs, bakeries, butchers, takeaways etc, then there are billboards, adverts in magazines, on TV, on the radio, on social media…you cannot escape food.

We are almost made to feel as though we should be revolving our day around food, from grabbing our morning coffee from some ghastly chain to having food delivered, giving food or alcohol as gifts, having people round to eat, or going out to eat. Socialising even generally revolves around eating or drinking and it’s left me feeling rather sad, especially as most of us take it for granted and as we know, so much food gets wasted. I know that I will have to find a way to manage my frustrations as I cannot control or change how much food is wasted.

This morning I was struggling after my rough night and when I sat down to eat my portion of congee, despite it being the same as yesterday, I could not stomach it…I could not get past the fact that it felt like it had the texture of sawdust and despite making myself eat some, it was hard work. So, although I was hungry, in the end I couldn’t eat it all.

Tonight, as a half term treat, my girls had their favourite ‘naughty’ tea whilst I sat with my bowl of rice, and we finished our evening snuggled up watching a film whilst they devoured popcorn.

If nothing else, I am impressed at my willpower!!

L.O.S.T Mum • Ration Challenge UK 2021

Fried rice, beans and onion with flatbread
Fried rice

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