Ration Challenge … Day 5!

Day 5 of the Ration Challenge is complete! There’s only 2 more days to go!

I had another rough night last night and my legs are still aching and feel almost bruised, but I woke up to a lovely surprise. When I checked my emails, I saw that I have now raised £400! Wow! I cannot believe it! Not only is this amazing but it also means that I have earnt a reward of 120g of protein which will definitely help get me through the last couple of days! I decided to choose eggs as it means that I do not have to have congee for breakfast so this morning I had a fried egg! Although that is all that I had I enjoyed every mouthful!

Lunch was another bowl of fried rice with onion and tea was supposed to be rice and bean burrito, but I couldn’t be bothered to make the flatbread so thin and wrap the rice and beans inside, so I made an open burrito!!!! (Basically rice, beans, and onion on a flatbread!).

Originally, I was going to complete the challenge in June because this is when Concern Worldwide have decided to do the ration challenge but when I saw that we are allowed to do it whenever I decided to move it. If I had done it in June, I would have been going to college and practising my counselling skills, but this week is a reading week which meant no college. I know I would have managed anyway but judging on how I am feeling, I imagine I would have either been a bit out of it (clumsy, forgetful etc) or my filters may not have been working at optimum capacity due to the lack of food and hangryness! I am normally quite reserved and keep my thoughts to myself, but the hunger has brought my thoughts and feelings to the surface, and I imagine I may be capable to having verbal diarrhoea!!

Having said that, rather than put things off and hesitate about getting in touch with people I have taken the bull by the horn and done lots of jobs that I have been avoiding! I am not a fan or ringing people or emailing people as I tend to feel that I am bothering people. As I mentioned in a previous post I also wrote and sent off an assignment whereas normally I would normally start by making notes and then do a skeleton draft, then add more words than necessary, spend a couple of days editing then when it is finished, I generally leave it at least a day before proof reading and then send it off. This time I wrote it and sent it off in one morning! Let’s see if it passes!!

Today is the first day that my stomach is not constantly rumbling despite eating less than 700 calories…during my sleepless night I was wondering how on earth the celebrities manage in the jungle (I’m a celebrity, get me out of here) as they generally live off beans and rice and they are also taking part in bush tucker trials. My energy levels are definitely pretty much running on empty although I am still running around after my girls!

Worldwide Concern emailed me to tell me that I had raised £400 and how that is enough to provide food for two Syrian refugees for an entire year. Refugees have already been living a nightmare; and now, because of the coronavirus pandemic, many more will face devastating hunger. This is an incredible gift for someone who has been through so much.

I was also touched by someone who sponsored me who said that this challenge has reminded them of times when their family struggled on a daily basis…no one should have to struggle like that.

L.O.S.T Mum • Ration Challenge UK 2021

Thanks to everyone who has supported me…everyday despite the hunger, I have smiled!

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