Ration Challenge … Day 7!

Day 7 of the Ration Challenge is complete! I have successfully completed the challenge!! Yay!!! I’ve done it!!!

This has definitely been one of the toughest things I have done but also one of the most rewarding…when I signed up for this challenge, I was mainly doing it to challenge myself and experience a little bit of what it is like for refugees. I did not expect to raise much money at all as I do not know lots of people so when I reached my first target of £100, I was over the moon and so I increased my target to £150 never expecting to achieve it yet I did (which meant I could enjoy a cup of tea each morning – despite having to make 3 tea bags last the entire week!).

As the donations kept coming in, I tentatively increased my target again to £200 thinking I was pushing it, yet I pushed passed £200 and so I increased it to £250 with the hope of earning 120g of a vegetable of my choice and I did! The onion made such a difference to my week and was worth every penny! Because I like nice round figures, I pushed my nerves to one side and raised my target to £300 thinking there is absolutely no way I would achieve it, yet I did.

I do not like putting myself out there, I am not one for generally posting on social media let alone asking for sponsorship (albeit for an incredibly good cause), so this week has taken me out of my comfort zone in many ways!) I then increased my target to £400 (I do not know what came over me!) and as I sit here writing this, I have raised £440!!) Although I have finished the challenge people can still donate if they wish.

I am lost for words at how much I have managed to raise, and I could not have done any of that without the generosity of friends, family and those who wished to remain anonymous – I wish I could thank you individually as it means so much to me. Your support and messages have kept me going throughout this challenge so thank you from the bottom of my heart!!

This challenge has given me a little insight into the lives of refugees and never in a million years would I have imagined I would have chosen to live off rations for a week. I have cooked and tried recipes I have never tried before and although I never want to eat congee again, I am grateful for this opportunity. It has shown me how much willpower I have and that I can do anything I put my mind to it, no matter how hard. It has shown me how much support there is out there, and I have been touched by the messages I have received including…

‘You are truly amazing especially with all you have been dealing with over the past few years.’

‘You are an amazing inspiration to all.’

These are not things I would say about myself…but it is lovely to hear and wonderful to know that is what people think.


Here’s how much a year’s supply of rations costs…

£10.80 years supply chickpeas

£26 years supply of rice

£19.20 years supply of lentils

£15.60 years supply of kidney beans

£18.20 years supply of oil

£4 years supply of flour

£16 years supply of sardines

Total = £109.80 for a year’s supply of rations for one person

The average cost of food in the UK for one person for a year is £2100!

However, I have raised £440 which would buy a year’s supply of rations for 4 people!

I want to thank everyone who has supported me over this week, I am sending hugs to you all! When I have been really struggling, reading people’s messages of support, and seeing how much money I have raised has made me smile (be it often with shiny eyes!!). Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Finally, a reminder of everything I have eaten over the week….

L.O.S.T Mum • Ration Challenge UK 2021

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