Journey of self-discovery part II

Throughout my first year of my counselling course, I have discovered a lot about myself…it is like a roller coaster ride that once you get on you can’t get off!

We have learnt about different aspects of self, including the Johari Window…

I have learned some things about myself that were in the ‘Blind Self’ – not known to self but known to others. And these are that I am…

I know that I am sensitive, but I am proud of that because as it says in the dictionary, sensitive means, ‘having or displaying a quick and delicate appreciation of others’ feelings. Admittedly there are times when I sometimes wish I were not as sensitive as I am, but I am working on it, although I am not ashamed of needing to have a tissue in case I cry at films. For instance, I must have watched Paddington 2 at least a dozen times and know that Aunt Lucy comes to London for her birthday at the end as a surprise for Paddington but each time I cry!!

I was very touched that people selected these strengths for me but particularly what was unknown to me (and therefore not strengths that I would have listed for myself) and most heart-warming was that people think of me as courageous and inspiring.

I then shared some things about myself that were in the ‘Hidden Self’ – known to self but not known to others. And these are that I can be…

These are characteristics that have started to appear since I have started to discover myself…I can now see where my youngest daughter gets her cheeky and feisty side from!!

Some of these characteristics still struggle to come out unless I feel comfortable in others company or unless I have had a drink or two, but I hope that as my confidence grows that they come out more easily!

We were asked to sum up our outlook on life which I found quite easy to think of, but as I sit here reading them, I realise that I don’t necessarily follow them all, but know I value them and share these beliefs with others.

So, this is my next challenge…to practice what I preach!

Friends and family are important (friends are the family you choose)

Be the best you can be.

Never give up.

You are worthy.

Life is for living.

Believe in yourself.

Never lose your voice or be afraid of being you

You are stronger than you think.

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