Short and sweet…

Aside from describing me, this post will also be short and sweet!

The reason I haven’t posted recently is because I have a fractured jaw thanks to my dentist which has caused me a lot of pain. I spent last week mainly in bed in agony and being sick due to the pain. I certainly wasn’t expecting to come out of the dentist with a fractured jaw let alone to be in the state I have been in. I felt like I wasn’t with it, almost drunk or hungover (not that I can remember how either of those things feel like!) and I struggled to function.

It’s safe to say I couldn’t look at a computer screen let alone type anything and even if I had been able to, I can guarantee it wouldn’t have made sense and would probably have been gobblydegook!!

I had been having a bit of trouble with an impacted wisdom tooth and it had become infected so I thought that my dentist would take a look and no doubt send me away with some antibiotics however she instead only gave me the option of having it either let her have ago at removing it there and then or to pay privately for a more senior dentist at the practice who would according to her ‘definitely’ be able to remove it.

Well due to being entitled to free dental care and not having a magic money tree in my garden I agreed to her having a go. Never in a million years did I imagine she would just try yanking it out when it had hardly cut through the gum as it was, nor the fact there’s a tooth in the way or that my roots are all over the place, but I put my faith in her as the professional.

It was bad enough that she damaged my palette with one of the tools and then she called for backup, but no one was available so decided to carry on regardless. Then as I lay there unaware of the situation due to being completely numb and not being able to see the state of my mouth, I heard a loud crack and presumed it was my tooth.

At this point she put everything down and told me that the crack we had just heard wasn’t my tooth but that it was my jaw and so she had to stop. After this she couldn’t get me out of the chair quick enough, she didn’t do another x-ray to see where the fracture was or how bad it was, she didn’t even offer for me to rinse my mouth, nor did she send me away with any pain relief but told me to take some paracetamol and ibuprofen as I may feel a little sore.

UNDERSTATEMENT of the year! SORE?! The pain has been unbelievable, I have felt faint, been sick numerous times, not been able to get out of bed, struggled to swallow, open my mouth, and eat.

This went on for a week and although touch wood I appear to have turned a corner the pain is still there, and I am still none the wiser as to what happens now. I was told I couldn’t blow my nose until my jaw heals due to a high risk of a sinus infection, yet I wasn’t given any idea of a timescale of when my jaw should heel and therefore when I would be able to blow my nose again. Presumably I should just be able to tell when my jaw is healed??

I have made a formal complaint, but they haven’t responded yet and a solicitor specialising in dental law has agreed to take on my case on a no win no fee basis.

I really wish I hadn’t gone to the dentist, and it is safe to say that I will not be returning to that practice even though I know there are waiting lists of years for any other NHS dentists due to the pandemic. However, I don’t trust her and certainly wouldn’t trust her with my children.

I have had a wisdom tooth taken out before under local anaesthetic as well as having numerous procedures done over the years with numerous dentists and I have never walked away with anything like this before.

It’s safe to say the packing hasn’t happened so now I have a week to pack everything up ready for the house move (oh and I have a report to write for college)!

This is where I wish I had a fairy godmother to come and do everything for me!!!

I’m not sure I will find this as funny anymore!

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