Bake Off Part 2…

Well, it’s safe to say that in the middle of moving, unpacking and everything else that goes along with moving as well as looking after my two little ones, I didn’t get chance to practice making a dairy-free cheesecake so instead I ended up making it the day before and hoping for the best!

My intentions of making mini meringues for the first time also went out the window and I cheated (just a little bit) and bought some mini meringues instead!

I found a recipe that pretty much replicated a normal cheesecake except I substituted cream cheese, double cream, and butter for dairy free versions. This recipe recommended Violife cream cheese, Elmlea plant based double cream and Flora plant-based butter. It wasn’t as easy as I thought to track down the ingredients which sent me into a slight panic as without these ingredients, I wouldn’t have been able to make the cheesecake, but I eventually managed to find them.

The ‘butter’ and ‘double cream’ are really good and you can’t tell they don’t have dairy in. The butter melted really well, and the cream whipped as you would expect.

I have tried a couple of vegan cream cheeses since going dairy free, but they have been awful which put me off trying any others, but the Violife one tasted as close to cream cheese as you can probably get. The only thing that threw me and Andrew who was making the other cheesecake was that it is very thick which makes it hard to mix and I struggled to get lumps out.

If I made one again, I would consider using a mixer but as my girls were helping to make it, we just used spoons. However, once it had set you couldn’t taste any lumps and it turned out really well.

I used ginger nuts for the base, and these happened to be dairy free and then I added lemon zest and juice into the cream cheese and cream.

Both Ali and Andrew said that they couldn’t tell it was dairy-free and really liked it and my eldest daughter gave it 10/10!!

I had intended on putting lemon curd heart swirls on top as google made it look incredibly easy….no it isn’t easy! So instead, I let my girls’ put blobs of lemon curd on top and make their own pattern!!

Andrew opted to make a banoffee cheesecake using more creative ingredients including coconut water, milk, and butter! I thought that was very brave of him. He used normal chocolate bourbon biscuits for the base as again these don’t have dairy in either (it is lethal finding out I can eat all these biscuits!!). His cheesecake was delicious, and the flavours went really well together but we all agreed that the topping was more mousse like and so didn’t necessarily taste like a cheesecake, but it was still yummy! His cheesecake had also travelled all the way up from London and survived!

So, for the past couple of days, I have pretty much lived off cheesecake as we split the two cheesecakes between us! I even had cheesecake for breakfast the other day…this is why I don’t bake!!

However, I did enjoy baking and having a reason to bake and would definitely like to do another challenge but maybe I need to be able to give more of it away next time otherwise I will end up piling the weight back on!

I’m already wondering what to do next time…Ali likes scones and I have mastered a dairy-free lemon scone. Most of the dairy-free scones I have tried are really dry so that would be the challenge!

My dairy-free lemon cheesecake!
Andrews dairy-free banoffee cheesecake!

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