Kindness makes the world go round…

I have been incredibly touched by all the love and kindness that I have received since having my miscarriage. I never expected so many messages of love and support which despite making me tearful also made a heart-breaking experience more bearable.

It goes to show how much difference people can make to our lives and sometimes all it takes is a few kind words, letting someone know you are thinking of them or any act of kindness.

I think I still had it in my head that it would be something that I would have to go through on my own and try to think of in quite a clinical sense in order to cope and move forward but, the past few days have proven to me that I am not on my own and that there are people around me who care.

It dawned on me that the reason I felt as though I would be pretty much on my own is because that is how it felt when I was going through all the trauma after the domestic abuse. Don’t get me wrong I had a couple of people who were amazing, but they also found it hard too and had their lives to live.

I then realised that my life is very different now, I have managed to open up my life to new experiences and new people and so even if I don’t always realise, I do have people that have come into my life since and these people are genuine, caring, and lovely.

Sometimes I maybe still don’t realise, as pretty much everyone disappeared out of my life back then when the going got tough.

It takes seconds to get in touch with someone, but we don’t always realise how much it can mean to someone and what a difference it can make.

In a time when someone is feeling sad or going through a difficult time it can shine a light and suddenly things don’t always feel so bad.

As I write this, I can’t help but smile as I look at the bunches of flowers lined up on my windowsill…aside from liking flowers anyway, they are a reminder of peoples love and kindness.

In the days following my miscarriage Ali & Andrew rang me everyday to check in on me which always made me smile and I thought it was very sweet of them. I had people telling me to take care of myself, to rest and take it easy…those people who know me, know I am not good always very good at that.

I can feel a sense of guilt when I am not filling my time with what I deem to be productive, but I know that self-care is necessary. So, I am working on allowing myself to rest and relax as well as letting others take care of me without feeling bad.

Without people’s kindness I know I would have got through this eventually but my goodness I cannot tell you how much difference it has made, feeling loved and supported. I suppose it feels as though you are not alone and the image I have in my head is being surrounded with people who are holding you up.

I really believe that kindness does make the world go around and that we can never truly know what a difference it can make but no doubt it will only make someone feel better, loved and that they are not alone.

Thank you to everyone who has been there for me, I really appreciate it and it has made these last few days easier. I feel incredibly lucky to have such lovely people in my life.

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