Our Inner Child…

I recently read an article that really resonated with me. I love how both my girls are brutally honest and say it how it is. They say what is in their head without questioning themselves and without any filters that seem to be ingrained in us at some point in our lives.

In a way I envy that…my girls (and no doubt most other children) are fearlessly and wonderfully themselves. 

So, what happens in between childhood and adulthood that creates a sense of fear, shame or embarrassment or a feeling that we should be following some sort of rule book of life?

Why do we feel the need to edit ourselves? To act or present ourselves a certain way that may not feel like ‘us’? Where does this desire come to ‘fit in’?

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if instead, we allowed ourselves to just be us, without editing ourselves, mulling things over or overthinking?

Florrie came out with something the other day which made me feel embarrassed, but it was nothing bad, she was just saying what was on her mind. In a way I admired her innocence and the fact that she didn’t have any filters…no questioning of if she should ask or what the answer may be.

I’ve noticed how much time can be spent on editing ourselves and I wonder sometimes if this is to protect ourselves from others.

When we are in our happy bubble, we don’t want it burst and so rather than share our happiness we may hide it or edit what we share for fear of judgement.

The article talked about how as adults our colours de-saturate and our quirks quieten and how the things that make us ‘us’ are slowly covered up until we are a grey blob in a grey world.

It really struck a chord with me when it said that we end up being a grey blob, in a grey world whose utter wonderfulness is hidden not just from others… but also from ourselves.

I couldn’t agree more that when we edit ourselves it’s us that lose out because we stop ourselves from experiencing happiness and we prevent ourselves from discovering things about ourselves.

Why should children get all the fun and carefree times? As adults we have so many responsibilities and times when we have to be serious so why shouldn’t we allow ourselves the chance to show our true colours and be ourselves?

I believe that we should hold on to our sense of fun, silliness, playfulness, discovery, and freedom and that those who we feel most comfortable around are more likely to have the opportunity to see and love our true selves.

Unediting ourselves is hard. I read that before we can un-edit ourselves, we have to figure out which parts of ourselves we’ve shoved in the back of a metaphorical cupboard. This involves a bit of detective work, to figure out where we’ve made choices based on our genuine wants and needs, and where we’ve made them based on others’ expectations.

In order to do this, we need to learn to start noticing those things that light us up and to let that light shine bright.

This is something that I think could be quite hard but equally I feel it’s something we should all try and do.

Afterall, its worth remembering that there isn’t a single human quite like you on this planet.

We all deserve to sparkle and shine, radiating every colour of the rainbow.

So, let yourself be unapologetically, wonderfully you!

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