First week!

We made it to the weekend!! It has been an emotional rollercoaster and definitely a shock to the system for all 3 of us!

Despite putting an alarm on, I woke up early ready for my daughters first day at school having spent the night before getting everything ready to make the morning as easy as possible. I was anxious for this first big milestone, and I guess I was anticipating how my daughter may feel. However, even though I had to wake her up she was excited about her first day. Before we left for school (20 minutes earlier than we needed to!) I took the obligatory photos of her in her uniform, and I cannot believe how grown up she looked!

When we arrived at school, she was still excited and could see all the fun things that her teacher had prepared for her class as we walked past her classroom. When it was time for her to go in, she walked in confidently without so much as a second glance at me or her sister and in a way that made it easier and even though I had my sunglasses on standby, they weren’t needed. The rest of the day consisted of checking the time and wondering how she was and what she was doing but I had her little sister to keep me distracted!

Home time couldn’t come quickly enough, and I was eager to see how her first day had gone. As she walked out of her classroom she looked as though she had been there for longer than a day and seemed to have taken it all in her stride. So, I breathed a huge sigh of relief!

However, when it came to the second day things were very different. I put it down to my daughter being on overdrive the night before as she kept talking about her day and struggling to fall asleep as if she still had adrenalin pumping around her body. So, the following morning from the minute I woke her up she was not a happy bunny and was tearful and kept saying that she didn’t want to go to school. This threw me a little even though it made sense how she may have felt tired or a little overwhelmed and so when it came to the start of the school day, I left her sobbing which broke my heart.

Luckily that seemed to be a one off and the rest of the week she was happy to go to school and spoke fondly of everything she had done and how she had made a friend.

Finally, Friday arrived and although it was lovely to see that my daughter appeared to have quickly settled into school, I was very relieved that it was the last school run of the week. I was exhausted!

On the first day I had made an effort to look good for the school run (don’t ask me why!) but by Friday I barely scraped my hair back or put any make up on and didn’t really care about what I was wearing!!

Who would have thought that the sunglasses would have been needed on the final day of the week?!

When my daughter came out of her classroom her teacher told me that she had something special to show me…she had been given a Headteachers Award for her first week at school and it said how kind and respectful she is. And that’s when I had a lump in my throat and a tear in my eye! A very proud Mummy moment!! I was incredibly proud of my daughter for getting through the first week of school and had already promised her a treat at the weekend, but this was the icing on the cake!

I am grateful to my daughter’s teacher for making this week as easy as possible as it is a lot for any child to take in.

I am also proud of my youngest daughter as this is the longest, she has spent without her big sister, and she has been amazing!

By Friday night I was definitely ready to put my feet up and so looking forward to not having to put my alarm on!