A new normal…

The beginning of the new academic year has marked the start of going back to a new kind of normal. Before the summer holidays, schools were still in bubbles, social distancing and face coverings were enforced and hand gel was used more times a day than ever before.

I imagine there were mixed emotions when everyone returned in September, some no doubt couldn’t wait to get rid of all the rules whilst others may have felt more anxious.

For me, I was disappointed about bubbles no longer existing because I was dreading doing the school run particularly knowing everyone would be fighting for a space to park! However, as with many things in life, I have soon adapted to the new routine. It is nice not to have to wear a face mask for the school run and of course it has allowed my daughter to start school as we all know it, it’s lovely to hear children singing in assemblies and see them playing with their friends.

However, case numbers are still high here so it does feel a little uneasy, but we just have to do what we can.

Up until recently I was wearing face masks whenever I was indoors but then I have been to a few indoor gatherings lately where nobody else has been wearing them and so neither have I. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not afraid to be the odd sheep but at the same time, if this is how life is going to be for the foreseeable future, then I feel there are times when not wearing a mask could be ok.

I have certainly noticed that more people are choosing not to wear a mask and I guess that could be down to being sick of wearing them or the fact that it’s not mandatory anymore, yet whether out of habit or still feeling a little unsure of things, I still automatically put my mask on every time I go inside a shop.

I guess part of me feels a sense of responsibility for others as I wouldn’t want to pass on Covid to my Mum, those I care about or any of the clients that I work with.

The best part of life returning to some sort of normality is being able to attend events, spend time with others, being able to make plans and of course, hugs!

I am aware that there may be another wave but it would appear that the UK government has no intention of doing an awful lot about it other than make masks compulsory again. In which case, fingers crossed Christmas can go ahead this year. Last Christmas I managed to take my girls to see Santa, but it was a socially distanced visit where they could only wave at him from a distance whilst stood outside. Hopefully this year they may actually get to see him up close and maybe even get a photo with him!

We didn’t get to go to Hull fair last year as it was cancelled but this year it is going ahead. However, I have decided that we won’t be going as despite it being the biggest fair that is happening this year (as Goose Fair has been cancelled) there won’t be any real safety measures in place and I know how crowded it normally is, therefore it doesn’t make me feel easy.  

I am definitely looking forward to living life again, I’m excited about what the future brings, and I feel that the summer gave me a chance to start dipping my toes in the water! I certainly can’t imagine going into another lockdown, I think I would find it too hard. I realise that I need that social contact (says the woman who is not a social animal!) and I have a thirst for life…for meeting people, going out and trying new things.

I guess I feel like I have found my wings and I am ready to fly!

This made me giggle as it’s true!

Making memories…

I am currently on holiday with my little girls and with it being the last holiday before my eldest daughter starts school, I am focused even more than ever on cherishing every minute and making memories as a family. Of course, there will be plenty more opportunities to do this throughout their childhood, this feels like a momentous moment before one of my eldest’s first big milestones in life.

For my girls, this week marks more cherished moments together as well as a family. I love nothing more than seeing the smiles on their faces, hearing them giggling and seeing how carefree and happy they are. They are both still so innocent and that is priceless.

Sometimes I wish I could record every moment of their lives so that I could remember every moment because it goes so fast. They are both growing up so quickly and becoming unique individuals.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could just press pause sometimes to hold on to the here and now?!

Being away gives us the chance to fully embrace time together without all the distractions of everyday life from the phone calls to the washing up, washing, shopping, cooking, cleaning…the list goes on.

I know I say ‘in a minute’ or ‘Mummy’s busy’ far too often to my girls when I am trying to prepare tea and put the washing out and wash up all at the same time or similar daily chores.

However, I can’t beat myself up about it because I also know how much quality time my girls do get with me. Not a night goes by without me reading them a bedtime story, singing to them, and giving them oodles of cuddles and love.

You can’t put a price on the love you feel as a mother and being able to have time away with them is incredibly special.

Despite taking some photo’s, I’ve not taken 1000’s because it’s also been nice to not have to carry my phone with me all the time and instead of taking photos to capture our holiday and memories, having the memories just for myself.

Making memories with those that you love and treasure …is incredibly precious. It doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg or involve anything extravagant, just spending time doing something fun together is all that matters.

Some of the best memories so far this week have included going on adventures without clock watching and being able to fully embrace those moments, whilst having both girls holding my hands, knowing that it won’t be that long in the scheme of things before they won’t want to hold my hand anymore.

Having people in your life that you can laugh with, be silly with, have fun with and share a hug with are those that matter most!

I can’t remember the last time I was able to take the girls away on my own for a week, it was definitely pre-Covid!

So far, it has been amazing, we have made lots of memories and I am looking forward to more holidays with the most precious little people in my world!